How Does it Work?

We envision a collaborative space where individuals contribute content that reflects the numerous voices on the picket lines.

So, you have something (art, recordings, writing) you’d like to share!?  GREAT – just follow these simple steps to upload your post and contribute to this community project.

Sign in to with the account (PW solidarity)

1. Click ‘Posts – Add New’

2. Write and/or upload your content.  Please include the following details if applicable: date, location (ie Sentinal Gate).  If you would like to have your name associated with the piece, please be sure to sign it. If you want to remain anonymous, that’s ok too!

NOTE: for video – you must upload to YouTube first and then link to it. We do not have enough space to upload video on this account.  For images – please make it as low resolution as possible.

3.  Select the most relevant category (Art, Education, Stories, Skillshare, or Free School). You can select more than one, or if you feel it does not fit under any of these categories please let us know…we can add another category!

4. Add your tags that relate specifically to the content.

5. Hit ‘Publish’ and Voila, you are done!  Now you just need to share with your friends

If you need support, have questions or would like to report an in appropriate post please contact us at


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