Not sure how you can get involved? Worried you don’t have the skill to create something but would like to learn?  Have an idea but need more people to support it into fruition?

Here are some ideas to get started…leave a comment if you are keen to support someone and we’ll do our best to connect you!


Photo by Nishant Upadhyay

  • De-Escalation Training: How can we learn how to safely defuse unsafe/violent situations?
  • A Labour History Teach-in: York has experienced three strikes in the past 15 years. What is the historical context of our current struggle?
  • Public Performances: What types of performances/script readings/dances/songs/etc. can be organized on the lines?
  • Picket Livesketch: Get some friends to sketch what they’re feeling and thinking about the strike in realtime! Snap a photo and upload to the website.
  • Connecting to Other Struggles: Members of CUPE 3902 are also on strike – how can we in CUPE 3903 display our solidarity and/or learn more about their struggle?
  • Labour Jeopardy: Organize a trivia game for the line. A facilitator stands in the middle of a circle and shouts out questions about Canadian labour history.



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